PlanEnergi is an independent consultancy established in 1983 with many years of experience in collaborating internationally – in EU related projects as well as worldwide. PlanEnergi specializes in the design and creation of customized eco-friendly solutions for renewable energy, rational use of energy and energy planning. The field of work comprise system simulations and optimization of complex district heating systems to include (or increase the share of) renewable energy by means of different energy sources and components such as solar thermal systems, heat pumps, CHP units and seasonal storages.

PlanEnergi is in the lead when it comes to the development of seasonal heat storage technologies and has been responsible for borehole and pit heat storages from the initial feasibility study through the design and construction phase to commissioning of the plants. In these projects also large scale heat pumps (absorption/electric) and an ORC unit was included as well as one of the world’s largest solar district heating plants with a total collector area of 37500 m2.