Workshop: Sector Coupling

Together with EURAC, DHC+ is organising a workshop on Flexynets projects during the 23rd International trade fair and congress for Heating, Cooling and CHP in Frankfurt 17th – 18th April 2018. The workshop will take place at 14:00 on Wednesday 18th April.

This Workshop will focus on the practical experiences derived from the H2020 Flexynets project and on other projects that investigate synergies between heating/cooling and electricity. The aim of the Flexynets project is to develop, demonstrate, and deploy a new generation of intelligent DHC networks that reduces energy transportation losses by working at “neutral” temperature levels. The project was initiated in July 2015 and runs until June 2018.


13: 40 Welcome coffee

14:00 Welcome by Alessandro Provaggi (DHC+ / Euroheat & Power)

Session I on Flexynets project moderated by Roberto Fedrizzi

14:10 Roberto Fedrizzi (EURAC)

“District heating and cooling with distributed heat pumps”

14:30 Daniel Trier (PlanEnergi)

“Network structure and long-term storages in neutral temperature DHC”

15:00 Dirk Pietruschka (Enisyst)

“Monitoring and control of heat-pump based substations”

Session II on practical experiences on sector coupling moderated by Alessandro Provaggi

15:30 Nicole Pini (EIFER)

“Bringing flexibility to the electricity system through sector coupling and energy storage”

15:50 Andrea Schroder –(FGH)

“PLANET: an innovative tool for energy flow optimization in synergistic energy networks”

16:10 Pengxiang Song – (GEIRI Europe)

“Flexibility Management of Distributed Power to Heat Devices from Power Grid Perspective”

Please note that in order to attend the workshop you will have to register both for the trade fair and for the workshop. Both registrations are free of charge.