Flexynets collaborates
with ASMB

The team of FLEXYNETS gets in contact with the district heating network managed by ASM Bressanone SpA/Stadtwerk Brixen AG.

The personnel of EURAC visited the district heating plant of the town of Bressanone-Brixen, located in South Tyrol. The network is managed by ASM Bressanone SpA and consists of six generation plants, a biomass plant with an Organic Rankine Cycle module, a biofuel CHP plant, a biomass gasification plant (syngas CHP), and a decentralized thermal storage. Four generation plants include natural gas CHP modules and high-temperature compression heat pumps, for the recovery of waste heat. Globally, this system covers the heat demand of about 2000 users (7000-8000 families).

With respect to the FLEXYNETS targets, this network operates at high temperature. Nevertheless, the distributed structure and the use of several energy conversion technologies (cogeneration plants, heat pumps, thermal storage) are interesting points in common with the FLEXYNETS philosophy.

ASM Bressanone SpA expressed interest for the research themes investigated in FLEXYNETS, offering to support EURAC laboratories by providing a substation unit for dedicated testing.

Thermal water storage for the DH Network of Bressanone/Brixen
located in the Millan/Milland zone (©Günter Wett)