First Flexynets Workshop in Bolzano

The 31st of January it took part in Bolzano the first workshop for experts in low temperatures district heating networks.

The target audience were experts in the field like engineers, energy managers and installers, as well as public authorities, utilities and energy service companies.

The workshop has been attended by 21 experts, coming from different fields related to the project: international companies such as Mijnwater, COGEME and ELIMES, public institutions (ENEA, Province of Bolzano and Province of Trento), universities and research centres.

The focus of the workshops was to introduce and discuss the concepts and developments of the project with experts in the field. Invited external system planners and networks operators with hands‐on experiences in district heating, provided practical expertise to a fruitful discussion during the workshop.

The panel presented topics, issues and results of the project and promoted discussions about the main tasks: substations, control and trading strategies.

The outcome of the workshop has been encouraging and crucial for the future development of the technology applied, due to the presentation of real low temperature experiences across Europe.

See you in 2018 at the second workshop!