Second Flexynets Webinar

Within FLEXYNETS, workshops and webinars are organized to get in contact with experts in the field of low-temperature district heating and cooling networks and institutions, utilities, etc.

The objective of the 2nd FLEXYNETS Webinar is to discuss the development and results of the project with experts.

Experts from H2020 partner Project ReUseHeat and Interreg Project HeatNet NWE will join and discuss the latest results of the technologies under development in their projects.

The Webinar "Low Temperature District Heating Networks: latest results" will take place Wednesday 19 December at 14.00.

The webinar will be led by Marco Cozzini (Eurac Research, project coordinator) with the participation of Daniel Trier (Planenergi), Dirk Pietruschka (Enisyst), Kristina Lygnerud (IVL) and Herman Eijdems (Mijnwater).

The platform used is going to be GotoMeeting and after the registration, you will receive the invitation to the Webinar.

We hope you are able to join us and we encourage you to take an active part in this webinar by asking questions.

Download the detailed Agenda here.

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